Many Asian cultures believe the essentials of life are connected by an invisible red thread of destiny.

The fabric of our lives is woven from connections. In Asia, when you're getting to know someone, you might be asked, "Can you connect the red threads for me?"

This philosophy of discovering hidden connections in your life is the key to balance and harmony. When you feel connected to the beautiful things in your home, it fills your entire life with happiness.

At Redthreads, we believe that quality craftsmanship and transcendent design can elevate a space, just as the right connections can transform your life. That's why everything we create is exquisitely crafted to bring you effortless joy.

We aren't just passionate about design. We are committed to creating beauty.

Our designs are based on universal principles of color and natural elements that bring out the very best in a beautiful home.

The day’s troubles melt away when sinking into Redthreads bed linens. Bedrooms are sanctuaries: they carry us through times of rest, dreams, passion, and joy. It is important that they be comfortable, beautiful, and luxurious. 

Yien,   Redthreads bedding designer believes in the power of beauty to influence human experience and emotions. Her bed linens collection features strong, clean design and vibrant, harmonious color.

Redthreads bed linens collections are made from top quality designer fabrics. They are hand crafted in their studio in Brooklyn.  Color customizations are available .

More than 20 years of trusted craftsmanship and timeless design.